Which models can be configured?

1. uvex i-3 – Taking the wearer experience to a new level

Every person is different. These differences are what makes us unique.
A good product must be designed with this in mind, especially when it comes to safety. To this end, uvex have designed safety spectacles that fit everyone perfectly: uvex i-3. The innovative features ensure greater wearer comfort, which in turn means enhanced safety, because spectacles which fit well are more likely to be worn. The innovative uvex i-3 safety spectacles adapt perfectly to the contours of the wearer’s face. The individually adjustable flexible side arms with variable inclination feature integrated Softflex zones guaranteeing maximum comfort for any head shape.
The uvex i-3 sets new benchmarks for fit and wearer comfort.

Overview of benefits

  • Wearer comfort for all head widths
  • Adjusts to any face shape
  • Flexible side arms with variable inclination
  • Soft ear pieces
  • Integrated Softflex zone for different head widths
  • Softflex nose piece with flexible adjustment
  • Pressure-free fit, even when worn for extended periods
  • Secure fit in every situation
  • Completely metal-free


2. uvex pheos safety spectacles

That uvex pheos are more than just standard safety spectacles is clear at the first glance. The  modern, fashionable design makes them ideal for everyday wear in the workplace. In addition to an attractive design, these safety spectacles incorporate highly innovative technology. The core component is the duo-spherical lens, which not only offers a wide field of vision but is extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside thanks to uvex’s unique supravision lens coating technology. uvex pheos – safety that is plain to see.

Overview of benefits

  • Modern safety spectacles with fashionable design
  • Duo-spherical lens with uvex supravision coating technology
  • Rimless spectacles with wide field of vision
  • Permanent anti-fog on the inside
  • Extremely scratch-resistant on the outside
  • Completely metal-free


3. uvex pheos s safety spectacles

The pheos s is a smaller model specially designed for narrower heads, with the same features as the standard pheos.

Overview of benefits

  • Modern safety spectacles with fashionable design
  • Perfect all-round protection, wide field of vision due to duo-spherical lenses and exceptional ventilation